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    Rios Auto Parts (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of clutches from China. After years of hard working, we are now in the position to provide over 1000 clutch discs, 800 clutch covers and 1500 clutch kits from φ155 to φ440. Our clutches are suitable for European, American, Japanese and Korean vehicles covering passengers, commercials and heavy duties.

    We are an important partner of many significant companies of clutch parts and assemblies in both Chinese and overseas markets. Among our sales, 90% of them are exported to more than 38 countries including Europe, American, Middle-east, Africa and South-east Asia, and 10% of them are for domestic market.

    We have very powerful developing group. You can find many new applications in our range. Conforming to the needs of market, we have been extending our range of clutches and developed wide range of clutches and developed wide range of CSC kits, 4PCs and 5PCs kits.

    Supported by advanced test and processing facilities, we can offer you high quality products. What is more important is that we can offer you very good service, quick and efficient reply, trouble shooting training, keeping improvement on ourselves and taking more care on your cases.

    Contacts us, you will find that Rios Auto Parts is a professional and reliable partner of you!

    Rios No.: RKTY-2716
    Rios No.: DCTVW-001
    Rios No.: RDVL-4315